The Witness comes out tomorrow

And I am getting flashbacks of trying to go to sleep the day before Christmas. I have been following the development of this game since I replayed Braid five years ago. There are reviews out now.  Most of them are seriously positive (though I have kept myself from reading more than the excerpts) and I’m just waiting to get my hands on it and finally get to experience this thing.

I have plans to write about the Witness, but I want to do it justice. I know I’m going to love the game, so anything I write will be useless as the usual sort of “Should I buy it?” criticism. So what I mean when I say I want to do the game justice is that I want to slow myself down. I want to write deliberately and focus on something special about the game.  I don’t want to shape anyone’s opinion, I don’t want to convince anyone of anything.  I just want to partake in the experience of the game, and document it. I will play and write and absorb and record.  Then, with a collection of my initial thoughts, criticisms, and struggles, I will work slowly and seriously towards a more thoughtful type of ‘review.’

And perhaps review is the wrong word again. I want to present my interpretation of the game. Of its explicit narrative and of its implied message. So from now until this thing comes out, this stupid little time-waste of a blog will be my repository for all things the Witness-related.  Hopefully I’ll come up with something to feel proud about.

More sometime this week.


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