N8B8: 8 Nuggets of Undertale Beauty

N8 R8S 8: Charmingest Scenes from the charmingest game of the year 2015 Undertale.

1/8. This riverboat that’s also a cat dog

We should all travel by cat dog.  Greenhouse gasses wouldn’t know what hit ’em

cat man


What is Alphys even doing with all that footage?

Cameras hidden in objects all over Snowdin

3/8. Sexually Repressed Guards

You can avoid fighting these guys by rubbing one guard’s armor until he gets too hot and has to take it off, revealing his sweaty, beefy torso. This triggers his partner to confess his true feelings, so they stop fighting and go on a date.  UNDERTALE: pushing the LBGT agenda since 2015.Two guards. One shirtless. Bobbing in Unison

4/8. Burgerpants, the insightful spazzy cat

Having the same insight as me in my college years

I'm 19 years old and I've already wasted my entire life.

5/8. Nightcrawlers – solo style

You can bedbug around like it ain’t no thang.  I wish .gifs could have sound :[

Bed bug

6/8. Hotland Outsourcing its cooling jobs to Snowdin

Knowing this ice cube has traversed miles of river, just to cool off the core fills you with DETERMINATION.

Ice wolf chucks ice cube into waterice cube cools the core

7/8. This self-defeating janitor

Looks busy…

Slime janitor cleans his own goop

8/8. The most comforting ghost

Right in the middle of the least comforting area of the game, no less.

Ghost tucks in lil Frisk


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