N8 AW8S – Shape of the World


Currently vying for your support, Shape of the World is an atmospheric first-person exploration game that boasts a procedurally generated environment and gameplay similar to Flower and Proteus.  One might be tempted to compare it to walking-sims like Dear Esther, but that would be entirely ignoring the main attraction…  In Shape of the World, Progression is marked with the world shooting up around you. Luminescent trees, neon foliage, and ghost-like creatures come into existence as you cover the ground with your footsteps. These are markers of the player’s own growth in relation to the game.  Triangular arches and glowing orbs beckon in the distance and give the player a sense of direction and purpose.  There is no concrete reward system.  No points, no leaderboard, no end-of-level sugar-rush.  Shape of the World isn’t so forceful as all of that.  A softer sort of progress is awarded as the player delves deeper into this world.  The world grows with the player’s movement, and the player cannot grow further without the gentle nudging from the world.

From Stu Maxwell and Co. at Hollow Tree Studios, Shape of the World is available for pre-order on Kickstarter, and offers the ability to get access to the game for $20(CAD).  Upon it’s release, it’s certain to increase in price, so make sure to snag your right to a digital copy now!

I’ll leave you with a lovely preview:

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